Professional Fees

I generally agree to a lump sum fee with a client for much of my work, such as for survey reports and design work. This provides you with a fixed cost for my services, which can enable you to set your budget from the outset.

When I provide project management services, such as for larger design and construction works, a percentage fee is applied. Sometimes an hourly rate is agreed when it is difficult to define the scope of the services or how long it will take me to complete it.

In addition to my fees, expenses such as planning and building regulation fees are payable. There will be other consultant’s fees to be considered such as that of a structural engineer.

I do not charge VAT and, due to my limited overheads, my fees are very competitive. Also, you can be assured that you will have a fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor working for you all of the time.

I provided no obligation quotations and can meet with you, at no cost, to discuss design projects.

I always advise that you get quotes from two or three RICS members before selecting one to do the job at the agreed price.

Why use a Chartered Surveyor

I am a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Building Surveyors.

‘Chartered’ is the mark which demonstrates that a Surveyor has achieved the ‘Gold Standard’ of professional competence.

A Chartered Building Surveyor will have been assessed by a peer group of experienced industry professionals and judged to have the blend of technical and commercial skills and experience required to operate at the highest level in today’s property and construction markets.

Members of the RICS are bound by the rules of the Institution which includes a requirement to carry Professional Insurances and abide by Codes of Ethics and Practice as a protection to their clients.

Benefits to the client of using a Chartered Building Surveyor are numerous, but typically include the following:

  • Increased confidence that the surveyor has acquired the skills and expertise required to deliver the service required
  • Confidence that the surveyor has adequate professional indemnity insurance
  • Access to independent complaints handling procedure is available on request
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